FELICE Unveils Stunning New Single ‘By My Side’!

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FELICE Unveils Stunning New Single ‘By My Side’!

An avid music fan from the age of 11 and DJ from the age of 15, FELICE‘s life has always involved dance music. Having been a DJ for over 10 years now, his experience has grown over the years and he is now taking that experience and applying it within the studio as he makes 2022 his year for productions. A versatile performer, this transitions into the studio as he works within a number of genres, taking inspiration from all that can fall under the dance and pop music umbrella. This is evident when you take a listen to his brand new single ‘By My Side’.

‘By My Side’ opens up with a simple but addictive melody that is accompanied by sultry female vocals. As the track progresses, FELICE adds more and more tropical elements which set the tone for the perfect summer soundtrack. A single to get us over those winter blues, feel-good elements, and catchy melodies are packed into this one with the single oozing class due to its very well-done mixdown.

Although it might appear to be his debut single, ‘By My Side’ is not his first production as he has worked on tons of tracks over 10 years ago. With a long gap in between his releases, the pressure was on to re-enter the dance music scene with flying colors, and ‘By My Side’ certainly proves that he has not lost his step.

Stream this single below.

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