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Fellow Traveler Releases Music Video For Lead Single ‘Silhouettes’ From Upcoming Album ‘Nurture’!

Fellow Traveler is an electronic music producer with a sound that is just as signature as it is diverse. Influenced heavily by Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda, and Mario OSTs, as well as classical music, rock n roll, and other contemporary electronic musicians, he is actively creating the soundtrack to his own universe. With a diverse and broad interest in a multitude of different styles and sounds, the work that Fellow Traveler does in the studio cannot be matched and when you listen to it you will be blown away, just as we were.

With his debut album, ‘Nurture’, set to be released on the 22nd of February, 2022, Fellow Traveler is building anticipation by unveiling the lead single ‘Silhouettes’ and its accompanying music video. As we mentioned previously, taking a listen to this you realize there is nothing quite like the sounds of this artist in the electronic dance music scene. Blending elements of electronic music with retro video games gives us an innovative and other-worldly result and it’s a shock that very few have tried this before. With a number of releases since 2017, Fellow Traveler has been building to this album for a while and it makes his an artist you need to keep your eyes on.

Watch the official music video below.

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