Flawlesz Makes His Mark With Fantastic New Single ‘Collision’!

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Flawlesz Makes His Mark With Fantastic New Single ‘Collision’!

Sanjay Soehawan, who goes by the alias of Flawlesz in the dance music scene, made his original debut in fine fashion when he released his first EP titled ‘Ridiculous / Shifting’ in 2020. Making the perfect first impression with two incredible tracks at once, Flawlesz made his mark right away, and ever since then, we’ve been waiting for his follow-up. Now finally gracing our new music feeds again, Flawlesz makes his 2021 debut with his third original track titled ‘Collision’.

An artist who firmly believes in his own sound, Flawlesz mainly works within the tech house scene but likes to incorporate fresh and unique sounds into his production to make him stand out from the crowd. Having started producing as a hobby when he was 13 years old, it took some time but now the Amsterdam-based 26 year old is pursuing his love of music into a full-time career and we couldn’t be happier as it leads to some awesome music being put out.

His latest single, ‘Collision’, is a pure tech house groover. Using rhythmic drums and basslines but adding dark tons on top, the production is incredibly fresh for those who listen for the first time and those who have it on repeat. The track is about a collision between two people, a euphoric moment that happens when the collision takes place. “With ‘Collision’ I wanted to tell a story about two persons meet each other for the first time” adds Flawlesz

Stream this single below.

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