FROG POP Unleashes Unique And Rhythmic Single ‘SCARS’!

FROG POP Unleashes Unique And Rhythmic Single ‘SCARS’!

Over the past few years, German artist FROG POP has shown growth and talent, constantly working on his sound and bringing new music to our airwaves. However, it was in 2021 when this artist would really shine, creating a signature style that is quite unique and fresh, making him stand out from the crowd. By blending a combination of creamy sounds and heavy vibes with a rhythmic and groovy beat, FROG POP found his own sound and has been delivering gem after gem ever since. Now following on from the release of ‘Hearts’ and ‘Remedy’, FROG POP makes his debut on Austin Kramer‘s TBD imprint with ‘SCARS’.

Much like the message behind the record label, FROG POP is certainly an act that needs to be discovered and this brand new single ‘SCARS’ is further proof of just that. The single kicks off and grabs your attention right away as powerful vocals take center stage. It doesn’t take long before FROG POP injects some energy into this as he builds to the drop by adding some electro-infused samples and effects. The drop then comes and blows us away as groovy undertones are paired with powerful and resonating synths that just seem to add even more groove and energy to the single. The second part of the single is more of the same with FROG POP further adding fresh elements to keep things interested. A major release, this is another reason why you should keep an eye on FROG POP.

Stream this single below.

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