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Team Shawn Delivers With Powerful And Melodic Single ‘All For Nothing’ Alongside MIMI FOXX!

Although not much is known about the masked artist that is Team Shawn, there is one thing that we’ve come to know when he appears on your new music feed you are in for something special. Taking a similar route to the careers of marshmello and Daft Punk before him, Team Shawn covers his face with a mask so as not to reveal his identity, thus, making it all about the music. Taking away his persona, Team Shawn puts all the attention on his music, and with productions this good, you can understand why. After making his debut earlier in the year with ‘Back Around’, Team Shawn comes to us with another epic release titled ‘All For Nothing’ alongside MIMI FOXX.

With his previous release being a future house banger, Team Shawn decided to showcase his talent and diversity as an artist, switching the style up to a melodic future bass anthem. For the vocals of this one, MIMI FOXX gives us a truly spectacular performance, resonating us with her emotional lyrics while Team Shawn lays the perfect bed of instruments for her voice to shine. Then taking the single to the next level, the masked producer injects power and euphoria with the drop, letting uplifting melodies and synths take the attention while MIMI FOXX‘s vocals continue to soar. An amazing release, this is one of the reasons why you should keep an eye on Team Shawn in the future.

Stream this single below.

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