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G4F Records Recruits Cocoon, Robert Parker, The Toxic Avenger & More For ‘Road 96’ Soundtrack!

G4F Records returns to the release radar with the original soundtrack for the upcoming adventure video game Road 96, due for release this summer via France-based studio Digixart. The forthcoming release entails the player surviving a harsh road journey all whilst meeting new people, discovering new places, and experiencing new challenges. The soundtrack features some of the biggest names in synthwave and electro, such as CocoonRobert Parker, and The Toxic Avenger, to name a few. For the highly-anticipated soundtrack, G4F Records will be releasing a special vinyl and CD edition, with pre-orders beginning today. Out now on G4F Records, the ‘Road 96’ soundtrack is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

Simon Delacroix, known as The Toxic Avenger, kicks the album off with an atmospheric offering, ‘Home Call’. The synth-laden opus is entrancing from start-to-finish, and serves as one of the first lead singles to be released from the game. Weaving a sonic tapestry rife with imaginative wonder, the renowned DJ/producer effortlessly pulls at the heartstrings of the listener with his wholly impassioned endeavor. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, the tune quickly picks up in pace near the end, and eventually features heady bass alongside shimmering production elements. The Toxic Avenger, hailing from France, follows up his previous syncs with Nissan and Yves Saint Laurent with ‘Home Call’, as well as his 6-track ‘Shifted’ EP from the tail end of this April.

The Road’ takes the reins next, a lively tune that is predominantly characterized by its overall  feel good ambiance. Maintaining its sprightly tone throughout, Cocoon’s track boasts a vocal, rife with a fervent emotion. The rich lyricism truly makes one feel as if they were on the open road, free of any worries. Mark Daumail is the founder of the French pop rock group, which came to fruition in 2006. Currently, they command over 976k monthly listeners via Spotify, a highly impressive feat for any musician. ‘The Road’ directly follows their string of 2021 singles, ‘Blue Night’, ‘Sweet Lena’, and ‘Pacific Palace’.

Robert Parker’s ‘On The Road’ serves as a prime followup to its predecessor, upping the anté and picking up pace tenfold. Cocoon’s idea of the open road and its beauty was audibly set for the listener perfectly, and Parker’s concept of being on the road expands upon this. Instilling a palpable sense of  adventure, play, and excitement, it truly makes one feel as if they were traversing the open world of an 8-bit ‘80s arcade video game. The established Swedish talent’s feature on the ‘Road 96’ soundtrack follows up ‘Aiming High’, his contribution to the 2020 hit Funktronic Labs’ game ‘Wave Breaker’.

Far From Home’ is next, a poignant piece from Daniel Gadd that makes one feel as if they were actually many miles away from wherever home is. The subtle instrumentation paired alongside its overall melancholic nature highlights its emotional flair with ease. Dusky in nature, the emotive tune is a great addition to the soundtrack, and sticks out amongst the rest. His outstanding work has recently caught the attention of others in the entertainment landscape, with his music featured via the entire 2019 ‘Bruce Lee and the Outlaw’ original motion picture soundtrack.

Volkor X’s ‘Chase’ follows, and is a relentlessly unyielding high-octane track through-and-through. The nearly two-and-a-half minute song features propelling aspects that enrapture the listener with a sense of immediate urgency, all while still keeping its overall fun tone intact. Since emerging onto the scene six years ago, Volkor X has wowed listeners the world over with his infectious releases, currently boasting over 118k monthly listeners via Spotify.

The Mountain Peak’ by Kalax serves as the following track on the album, and is audibly daunting throughout its entirety. Replete with a wondrous sense of mystery, the synth-heavy production is cinematic in nature, and is also a prime addition to Kalax’s back-catalog. The Liverpool producer’s song on the ‘Road 96’ soundtrack follows ‘Crystal Waves’, his track from the ‘Wave Breaker’ game that fellow artist Robert Parker is also featured on.

S U R V I V E, an Austin, Texas-based group consisting of members Michael SteinKyle DixonAdam Jones, and Mark Donica, relay their own artistic take on the game with ‘Redline’, a haunting single that showcases all the hallmarks of a terrifying horror film. Experimental in nature, the track is a tour de force of sound that carries the listener through a sonic adventure. The group is best known for scoring music for Netflix’s Stranger Things, a clear inspiration one can definitely hear when listening to ‘Redline’.

Montpellier, France-based artist Alexis Laugier’s ‘Election Day’ is a massive tune that makes one feel as if they are on a harrowing journey. Monumental in scope, the track features rolling basslines and eerily elongated soundscapes that invoke a sense of sheer awe. E – Boyz’ ‘In The Air’ pivots directions completely, and instead opts for a fun, four-on-the-floor tone that is characterized by its  lightheartedness. A certified rinser, the tune also possesses a propulsive flair that flawlessly maintains much of its high energy throughout.

Lastly, Paris-based collective Xilix offers a cerebral, atmospheric production with ‘Sonya’s Mind’. The track starts out with a slow and steady pace, one that picks up with each passing second. The shining production elements are paired alongside arcade-like sounds, making one feel almost as if they were in a boss fight.

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