Glass Petals Release Latest Gem ‘Heartbeat’ On Heldeep Records!

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Glass Petals Release Latest Gem ‘Heartbeat’ On Heldeep Records!

Well-renowned duo Glass Petals are back on Heldeep Records for the first time this year with house banger ‘Heartbeat’. Under their tagline ‘club music only’, Felix Cartal and Johnny Jover, the faces behind Glass Petals, are known to be a goldmine for the best club tunes around. With ‘Heartbeat’ they are now off to an amazing start of 2021.

The track kicks off with a strong beat accompanied by seductive vocals which make it hard for you not to move your body to the rhythm. Soon after, the first drop hits with a brilliant drum rushing in, taking the track to a new level. Adding a variation of chords bursting with energy, ‘Heartbeat’ swirls back to its groovy melody before hitting the next drop. The refined sound effects along with the seductive vocals that cut through the track and make this groovy hit a solid house party favorite.

Canadian DJ and producer duo Glass Petals have gained over 35.000 monthly listeners on Spotify by doing what they do best: producing club music. Showcasing their talent with hits like ‘Nightcap’ and ‘Simulation’, scoring a total of almost 2 million streams on Spotify only, the duo has left an impeccable mark on the scene and can’t wait to take over clubs all around the globe again. “We love playing full tracks and never rushing into the next record, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!” says the duo.

Stream all your favorite house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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