Hayden Haze Drops Brand New Track!

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Hayden Haze Drops Brand New Track!

At 18 years old, Hayden Haze has been releasing a ton of great tracks and proves why he deserves a place as one of the most talented up and comers in the music industry today. We’ve only recently covered his epic single ‘Alone’ and in quick succession he released another massive single ‘Win Again’. This just shows how talented as a producer he is and how he is working tirelessly to bring us production after production. 

With stunning vocals to grab your attention, this progressive track gives off sensational vibes all through that will get you over the week day blues and get you ready for the weekend. Beautiful plucks and melodies incorporated through out set the stage and get you prepared for the drop. Once the drop comes you are taken to another level of euphoria with the uplifting synths and stunning vocal samples used. The high energy of the drop fills you with energy from head to toe and gets your fists pumping no matter where you happen to be listening to this single.

You can listen to this single below.

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