Hydraulix Delivers Heartbreak Anthem ‘Wish I’d Never Met You’ ft. Veronica Bravo!

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Hydraulix Delivers Heartbreak Anthem ‘Wish I’d Never Met You’ ft. Veronica Bravo!

Continuing his album rollout, Hydraulix delivers a summertime, heartbreak anthem with ‘Wish I’d Never Met You’ alongside Perth vocalist Veronica Bravo. The fourth single off his upcoming debut LP Imposter Syndrome once again displays the versatility of the Sydney talent, expanding upon his genre-pushing production. ‘Wish I’d Never Met You’ doubles as an uplifting, pop treat and provides a refreshing change of pace from its angsty, bass metal predecessor, ‘Concrete.’ ‘Wish I’d Never Met You’ is due for release on July 27 via WAKAAN, giving us an additional look at what’s to come in his upcoming album, Imposter Syndrome, out September 10.

“’Wish I’d Never Met You’ was such a fun track to write. I knew when looking for a vocalist that I wanted someone who would take the vibe in their own direction, and Veronica Bravo struck me as someone who would be able to do just that. Her voice is so pure and really captures the vibe as well as takes it up a notch. It’s super exciting to show people a toned back slightly more vibey version of my music.”Hydraulix

Wish I’d Never Met You’ diversifies what fans know of Hydraulix as a producer of hard-hitting bass music. The track starts off with soft guitar instrumentation, leading into Veronica Bravo’s seamlessly effortless lyricism. The production builds up to the drop with Bravo’s voice exploding with energy and emotion. The synth-heavy melody of ‘Wish I Never Met You’ carves out a new style that continues to push the boundaries of what to expect on Imposter Syndrome. ‘Wish I Never Met You’ is an irrefutable pop hit, laden with an uplifting liveliness, unlike any single we’ve heard yet from Hydraulix’s forthcoming LP.

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