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Inside the Enigmatic World of Ben Shawaer: A Quickfire Interview

In a rapid-fire exchange, we dive into the world of the enigmatic Ben Shawaer; standing as a enigmatic figure in the Electronic Dance music world, mand known for his silent demeanor and captivating compositions, Ben Shawaer’s music speaks for him, paving the way to become a Producer not to miss. Join us as we explore the musical tastes, influences, and surprising facts about this mysterious music Producer. Our source for this lightning-speed interview is none other than the president of the Ben Shawaer fan club, offering a unique glimpse into the artist’s world.

Collaborating or solo working?
Even though he is seen alone most of the time, it seems that Ben Shawaer enjoys making music both solo and collaboratively. Sometimes collaborating creates unexpected results, which are truly excellent. In addition, it allows you to mix styles, which is really enriching for a music Producer, I think. And also, it’s always nice to work with people.

Favourite venue he’s played?
People saw him mixing in a bar in Lille called “Base Camp”. It’s a chalet in the mountains style of bar, but the sound is as loud as in a nightclub, even though the place is not very big and everyone climbs onto the tables to dance. Small place, big atmosphere, great set!

All-time favourite artist?
His favorite artist seems to be Nobuo Uematsu. Some other witnesses have heard and seen him listening for several hours with a Discman, to the best music from the Final Fantasy video game. We can assume, therefore, that his favorite artist is indeed this composer.

Favourite genre outside of Electronic Music?
Referring to the question before, it seems that orchestral music present in video games like Final Fantasy is one of his favorite genres, outside Electronic music. I hope and believe that we will feel his love for this style in some of his own future musical productions.

Standout moment of your career so far?
Some time ago Ben Shawaer was working on music alone, but since last year other artists, mainly vocalists seem to have contacted him to start doing collaborations. The result of this work seems to have evolved his style in a significant way. Personally, I’m excited to listen to his new stuff.

Producing or DJing?
More of a Producer than a DJ, I’d say, even if we have already seen him mixing in places. I think he likes to share live with people, but he spends a lot of time producing, so he’s always offering quality music that connects best to what he feels.

Quiet night in or big night out?
Both, well it depends on the moment. Sometimes we want to go out but sometimes we don’t. Right now, it looks like Ben Shawaer doesn’t go out too much. He must be working on something cool! Otherwise, a good number of people have already seen him in parties, staying later than everyone else, but surprisingly appearing always fresh.

DJing in smaller venues or large festival stages?
He doesn’t often mix at small venues, but he seems to feel good there. Regarding large festival stages, we have never seen him mix in such places but, I think he would certainly be comfortable there. I’m also curious to see how he would move in front of a larger crowd. With his natural stoicism, it must be something to see!

All-time favourite track?
We all have several favorite songs, I imagine, but in any case we once saw him listening to the song ‘To Zanarkand’ from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack on repeat, so it must be one of his favorites.

Top creative milestone you think he’s hoping to achieve this year?
It seems that he is currently working on a secret project concerning the definition of his musical style. You tell me, it’s not much of a secret anymore actually! We can guess that finishing the outline of Ben Shawaer’s style must be something he would like to finish as quickly as possible, so definitely happening this year.

As a big fan of his, what are three surprising facts about Ben Shawaer?
It seems that he was making another style of music before getting into Electronic music. He himself isn’t sure but we feel it in his productions, especially those that are Melodic. The track “Better Now” from his first EP is a good example, even if all the music in this EP is rather Melodic. He has 4 different outfits when we thought he only had one. Personally, I’ve only seen him wear one so far. He’s the one who plays the piano in the music he produces.

And there you have it, a whirlwind journey through the musical universe of Ben Shawaer, guided by his devoted fan club president. We hope these insights have piqued your curiosity and added a touch of intrigue to your appreciation of this enigmatic artist. Stay tuned for more surprises from the world of Ben Shawaer!

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