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FL Studio Unveils Stem Separation and AI Mastering in New Beta Update!

FL Studio‘s latest beta version, FL Studio 21.2, is here with game-changing features that promise to revolutionize music production. This update harnesses the potential of FL Cloud, making FL Studio cloud-connected and enabling remote updates and content additions by Image-Line.

First up, FL Studio introduces an AI-powered stem separation tool, a pioneering feature in the world of digital audio workstations. It can break down fully mixed tracks into their individual elements like bass, drums, and vocals. While results vary depending on the source material, this marks a major step towards seamless AI integration in music production.

Another standout feature is AI mastering, an industry first for a DAW. It uses “automatic genre detection” to enhance mastering results. FL Cloud subscribers can select their genre and specify output and loudness levels for their tracks, making mastering more accessible than ever.

These additions complement previously announced tools like “Sounds,” offering access to synced samples, and “Keplar,” a Juno-6 clone. FL Studio license holders can test these exciting features in the beta version available on the FL Studio forums. Stay tuned for the official release date, as FL Studio continues to innovate music production.

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