Janieck Is Looking For ‘Somebody New’!

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Janieck Is Looking For ‘Somebody New’!

Following his massive hit record ‘Narcotic’, Dutch singer-songwriter Janieck has presented the official follow-up with brand new single ‘Somebody New’. Underlining his ability to blend strong, touching hooks and warm blooded dance rhythms, this is a record that’s sure to spark up a fire this winter season. ‘Somebody New’ comes with a beautiful music video, shot in Scotland, resulting in footage that perfectly emphasizes Janieck‘s melancholic songwriting.

Janieck is known for dropping hit records. Recently he scored a huge hit with ‘Narcotic’ (a cover of the famous 90’s hit by Liquido) that by now counts over 35 million Spotify streams, reaching #2 on Germany’s Airplay Chart.

‘Somebody New’ is the perfect follow-up, the new single emphasizing his taste for catchy pop chords blended with sweet dance elements. Here’s a destined late 2019 hit, featuring Janieck‘s warm guitar sounds and recognizable vocals, leading into a strong chorus that will ring in our heads for a long time.

“Although my music career started off with writing dance tracks, I quickly became aware that my musical roots are firmly based in more acoustic pop songs, always rising to the surface when I’m writing music. I always try to create songs with some crossover character, and I do enjoy that. ‘Somebody New’ is an example that I’m going in a direction that, for me, will redefine cross-over. It’s a path that will develop itself by simple taking it. ‘Somebody New’ is ‘something new’.” – Janieck

Stream the official music video below.

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