Jaxx Da Fishworks Reveals ‘We No Speak Americano’ Remix & New Original ‘Limbo’!

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Jaxx Da Fishworks Reveals ‘We No Speak Americano’ Remix & New Original ‘Limbo’!

JAXX DA FISHWORKS is back on the release radar with his vibrant, bouncy take on bass house. He returns with two exhilarating sonic offerings — ‘Limbo’, an original production via AC Slater’s Night Bass record label, and a  remix of Yolanda Be Cool’s 2010 hit ‘We No Speak Americano’ via Sweat It Out Music. The original track recently hit a billion streams worldwide, and the reinterpretation comes as part of the song’s 10th-anniversary remix pack, in which the duo even remixed their own tune. The latest to come from the esteemed Japanese DJ/producer follows up his mid-November released track ‘Paranoia’ with Dread MC, released on Tchami’s Confession imprint. Out now, both of the talent’s latest are available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

Completely flipping the tone of the original, JAXX DA FISHWORKS opts for a more propulsive, funky take on ‘We No Speak Americano’. A wholly enticing assault of sound, he effortlessly ups the anté tenfold with edgy, stabbing synths and warbly basslines. In turn, he creates a completely unique, hard-hitting bass house gem that occasionally harkens back to its slower counterpart, and, overall, adds to its source material in all the best ways audibly possible. 

Limbo’ starts off with a brooding soundscape, quickly paired alongside a propelling four-on-the-floor beat. Throughout the tune’s four-minute runtime, a deep, entrancing vocal cut drives the listener through a heady sonic journey, feeling almost as if one is falling further and further down a rabbit hole. Hefty bass drops ensue, maintaining the tune’s intensely high energy until the very end. As part of the 11th iteration of AC Slater’s ‘This Is Night Bass’ compilation albums, ‘Limbo’ sits in good company alongside singles from industry tastemakers such as Tony Romera, Monxx, and Honey & Badger, to name a few.

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