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JONN Delivers With Amazing Solo Single ‘Man On The Moon’!

Over these past 2 years, Candian artist JONN has proven time and time again that he is one of the brightest dance artists to come from the North American region. Bringing us hit after hit, JONN has shown quality with each release while also showing us his diversity with a number of genres and his motivation and hard work to constantly deliver music at a rate that very few artists can match. After launching his own record label, Blackbox Records, in late 2021, JONN has brought us a whopping total of 6 new releases in just 8 months, his latest one being just as good as what came before.

For his latest outing, JONN presents ‘Man On The Moon’, an energetic and addictive piece that is undoubtedly going to get you feeling in the weekend mode. JONN uses catchy and memorable vocals and pairs them with a bouncy bassline and infectious synths that keep the rhythm rolling, all packed into a fast-paced tempo that perfectly complements all the elements. Yet another smashing release from JONN as he adds another gem into the Blackbox Records catalog.

Stream this single below.

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