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Julian Cross Releases Electrifying 4th Single ‘Runaway’ From ‘Stories Of The Nebula’ Album!

Julian Cross geared up to release the 4th single from his upcoming album ‘Stories Of The Nebula’ on October 13th. Building on the momentum from his first three releases — ‘Antidote’, ‘All I Need’ ft. AFROJACK, and ‘Lose It All’Julian aimed to move fans with his fresh electropop sound, combined with a captivating male vocal.

Julian Cross had steadily gained attention after teaming up with AFROJACK’s record label WALL. Each of his previous releases had been well-received, showcasing a blend of energetic beats, vibrant melodies, and powerful vocals. ‘Stories Of The Nebula’ was anticipated to offer fans an exciting musical journey. The 4th single was expected to display Julian‘s artistic growth, solidifying his place as a rising star in the music industry.

In a recent statement, Julian expressed his excitement about the single, stating, “I couldn’t wait to share this new track with my fans. “Runaway” was a part of my journey, and I hoped it resonated with everyone who had been following along.”

Julian’s music transcended genres, bringing a fresh perspective to the music landscape. Fans and music enthusiasts were invited to join Julian Cross on his musical journey. The story continued on October 13th, so stay tuned!

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