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Tomorrowland Brasil Day Two Cancelled Due To Extreme Bad Weather

Tomorrowland Brasil has faced an unexpected setback as the second day of the festival has been canceled due to severe weather conditions. In an official statement, the organizers expressed their regret over the decision, emphasizing their commitment to visitor safety.

In a statement on their website and social media, Tomorrowland said: “Dear Visitors, It is with heavy heart that we announce that today, Friday, October 13, we are not in a position to open the doors of Tomorrowland Brasil. Due to the extreme rain of yesterday, the festival areas, parking lots and access roads are badly damaged and need to be restored properly. Despite the dry weather now, more time will be needed to ensure that we have the necessary conditions to receive our visitors safely, as this is our highest priority. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 14, Tomorrowland Brasil opens its doors again. For DreamVille festival-goers, everyone is welcome to stay and we’re opening The Gathering Stage with an alternative program today. Refund information will be released soon.”

The cancellation left fans disappointed as Tomorrowland Brasil is renowned for its incredible music, stage productions, and global camaraderie. Unrelenting rain had caused severe damage to festival areas and access roads, posing a risk to attendees and performers. Despite improved weather conditions on the day of the cancellation, more time was needed to ensure safety.

For those staying at DreamVille, an alternative program was offered at The Gathering Stage. The organizers also pledged to release refund details for those holding second-day tickets. This ensures fairness for attendees affected by the cancellation.

In conclusion, Tomorrowland Brasil‘s second day cancellation was a difficult decision made in the interest of safety. Despite the disappointment, the organizers’ dedication to ensuring a memorable and secure experience for all is commendable.

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