K-Syran Enlists Slim Tim For Fantastic Remix Of ‘D.R.a.M.a’!

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K-Syran Enlists Slim Tim For Fantastic Remix Of ‘D.R.a.M.a’!

Having covered her singles and albums in the past, dynamic singer, songwriter, female rights activist, and famed actress from the RADA Guildhall school of music and drama, K-Syran has quickly become one of our favorite artists to cover. Whether it’s her own releases such as singles ‘Red Dream’ and ‘Temptation’, or albums ‘Journey’ and ‘Dizzy’, or even the remixes that she brings to the table, K-Syran always delivers in a fantastic way. This couldn’t be more evident as K-Syran brings in Slim Tim for a magnificent remix of her hit single ‘D.R.a.M.a’.

Released last year in 2021, Slim Tim takes the disco-infused single from K-Syran and puts his own spin on it, bringing some deep house flavors to the table. Using the vocals and giving them the right attention that they deserve, Slim Tim matches them with rhythmic sounds and an infectious piano-driven melody, resulting in the perfect party anthem. Once again, a splendid remix which showcases the talent and range of K-Syran‘s vocals.

Stream this remix below.

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