Kelvin Wiedenhoff Drops Energetic New Single ‘Love It’!

Kelvin Wiedenhoff Drops Energetic New Single ‘Love It’!

Having recently dropped his debut single, creating the perfect first impression in the process, the expectations for Kelvin Wiedenhoff’s follow-up single was super high, and he does not disappoint. After crossing 70k streams on his debut single, he has now unveiled the energetic ‘Love It’, proving that there was no luck involved in the first single and further demonstrating his talents as an artist.

With ‘Love It’, Kelvin is heading in a slightly different direction, with fresh, deeper sounds dominating throughout the track. The edgy vocals and catchy lyrics perfectly complement the groovy track. Always looking for ways to innovate, Kelvin has been showcasing his diversity this year as well with the deeper and more emotional lyrics on ‘Not Easy’. No stranger to the dance floor or the pop charts, ‘Love It’ is a club-ready banger and Kelvin Wiedenhoff’s second release of 2022.

“Love It is a song about falling in love on the dance floor. It tells the story about someone who meets a very special person on a party but doesn’t want the night to end while running out of moonlight.” Kelvin Wiedenhoff

Watch the official music video below and stream on all other platforms here.

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