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Kodat Drops Epic 3-Track “Dat’s Me” EP!

After months of dedicated work, emerging musician Kodat has released his very first EP, ‘Dat’s Me’. This project holds a special place in Kodat’s heart as it reflects his identity as both an artist and a person. With ‘Dat’s Me’, Kodat aimed to provide fans with a deeper insight into his musical identity, drawing from a spectrum of influences that have shaped his creative journey.

‘Dat’s Me’ is designed to infuse high-energy vibes that inspire listeners to dance, work out, and embark on thrilling road trips with Kodat‘s music as your companion. This EP is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s an experience that resonates with the audience, sets the mood, and becomes the soundtrack to moments of joy and adventure.

Kodat also has exciting plans for the future, going beyond a single EP. In 2024, he is set to release the eagerly anticipated Volume 2. Beyond just music, Kodat envisions transforming his work into a comprehensive brand, complete with merchandise and live shows. These live shows will be crafted as unique and immersive experiences, perfectly aligned with the high-energy music that characterizes the ‘Dat’s Me’ EP.

Over the past six years, Kodat has garnered recognition and support through his remixes, including being called on to produce the official released remix for Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Can U Feel It’. Now, with ‘Dat’s Me’, Kodat is taking a bold step forward, offering three original tracks that embody the essence of his artistry. These songs are a true representation of Kodat‘s artistic vision and a testament to his growth as a musician.

Stream this EP below and on all other streaming platforms here.

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