KODAT Makes His Debut On Don Diablo’s Generation Hex With Electrifying Track ‘I Think I Love You’!

KODAT Makes His Debut On Don Diablo’s Generation Hex With Electrifying Track ‘I Think I Love You’!

Although his catalog may not be massive, or his release schedule packed, when KODAT appears on your new music feeds you know you are in for something special. For 3 years now, KODAT has been churning out hit after hit, continually making waves in the dance music scene and gaining loyal fans along the way. No stranger to finding the perfect home for his music, KODAT has debuted on major record labels such as Tiesto‘s Musical Freedom and Spinnin’ Records, showcasing a variety of genres and styles, further proving that KODAT cannot be held down to one specific sound. Echoing that once again, the Miami-based artist makes his debut on Don Diablo’s Generation Hex with a brand new release ‘I Think I Love You’.

Showcasing his dazzling style of French house with this single, KODAT brings groovy, funky, and fresh vibes, further proving the talent and diversity he has as a producer. Energy and nostalgia is tangible throughout, the vocals are chopped samples mixed with sound filters, all brought to modern life under KODAT’s dynamic touch and instincts for making a hit. This single marks a massive transition for KODAT as he moves away from his typical Jersey Club songs and remixes. Coming off the back of the pandemic, the Frenchie realized he was ready to dive even deeper into his roots, and in ‘I Think I Love You’ he’s dedicated himself to sharing his Parisian childhood influences with his fans. The future looks bright for KODAT as he gears up for the release of his ‘Foundation’ EP later this year, an EP packed with more French house goodness. For loyal fans of his usual style, this does not mean the end as he is set to continue delivering Jersey Club bangers.

“With this track I felt it was time to show my fans where I came from, beyond just high beat music, and take them on a journey of French House. There are so many misconceptions about the genre. It’s totally different today. and the new generation is so willing to hear new music. I wanted to inspire them with the world of French Touch the same way other artists part of the genre’s legacy, like Modjo, DaftPunk, Stardust, Alan Braxe and Bob Sinclar, inspired me too.”KODAT

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

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