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Kodat Speaks With Us About His New Single, Experimenting With Genres, His Viral Meme Of Will Smith & More!

Fresh from the heels of his massive remix of ‘Is There Someone Else’ by The Weeknd and becoming a viral sensation with his remix of Will Smith, Kodat has unveiled a fresh new single ‘Voices’. Originally from Paris, France, Kodat is now based in Miami and has been releasing music for over 3 years now. To celebrate the release of his brand new single, we had the pleasure of speaking with him about a number of topics.

Hey Kodat, thanks for taking the time to speak with me, how are you doing?
I’m great thank you!! Thank you for having me.

Let’s kick things of with your brand new single, ‘Voices’, which has just dropped today. How happy are you with the finished product?
You know, I am very happy with the finished product, I’m also excited for my fans to listen to it.

This single showcases a fresh new style that we’ve not quite heard from you, how are expecting your fans and followers to respond to this one?
Definitely, it’s very different than what I used to release. I even think that is my first track at 128BPM since I started the Kodat project haha. I wanted to release something different with summer being around the corner. A song that you can still listen to during your workout, at the club but also at the beach or around the pool. So I really hope my fans will love this one.

Yet another style and genre that you’ve dipped your toes into, how important is it for you to be experimenting and trying out new flavors of music?
Since the pandemic, music has changed and people have changed the way they consume music, so I think more than ever, people are looking for new music. I also want to show people that I don’t only know to make Jersey Club, but I can release a Drum&Bass track mixed with 80s influence, I can release a moombahton track, etc. I am not stuck in one genre. I love music in general and if I have an inspiration, I’m not gonna hold on to it.

You recently started a viral meme on social media with your remix of Will Smith, can you give me a little insight into why and how you made this remix?
I never expected this meme to be viral. When the Will Smith scandal happened, it was on Sunday night at the Oscars, I made this on Monday at the end of the day. After I heard Will Smith shouting, I was like this guy sounds like Lil Jon almost hahaha. So I got inspired and I decided to make this track ‘’Out Yo Fkn Mouth’’ for fun nothing else, it took me 30mn. I posted it right away on Instagram and my account blew up with notifications. Famous DJs, journalists, and TV channels reached out to me and shared it on their profiles, it was insane. And I started to see all these articles talking about me and my meme. It was very intense but super fun to experience this viral moment.

A lot of new fans and followers discovered your music since then, how was their response to your music after the remix?
Exactly, I gained so many new fans since then. At the same time, I had my remix of ‘Is There Someone Else’ by The Weeknd which started to get bigger because Diplo decided to add it on his radio ‘’Diplo’s Revolution’’, so my followers were discovering music that I just released but also my previous remixes from 3 years ago such as ‘’Beat It’’, ‘’Lady’’ etc… The DJs started to play them again in their sets and I think it’s awesome.

Not just on social media but mainstages and radios across the world, big DJs such as Diplo, Tiesto, Salvatore Ganacci and more are playing your music, how does that make you feel?
It’s such an honor obviously, these names that you mentioned are people that inspired me a lot when I was younger, it’s a great and special feeling when Tiesto signed me on Musical Freedom or Salvatore Ganacci plays my music at a huge festival for sure. But, to be honest, I have the same special feeling when an unknown DJ plays my music in his bedroom and tags me on Instagram because it reminds me of 12 years ago when I started practicing in my room on the music of the names you mentioned above. I am very grateful.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, do you have anything to reveal to our readers?
Get ready for a lot of NEW Kodat music, I’m not gonna let you guys down.. I’ve decided to release so many new tracks coming up during the summer starting NOW with ‘’Voices’’!!

Stream ‘Voices’ below.

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