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JONN Unveils Catchy And Energetic Single ‘Love Is Gone’!

Ever since he released his debut single, ‘Our Love Is Over’ in 2020, Canadian artist JONN has been on a non-stop mission to deliver hit after hit. 13 releases later and now JONN‘s discography is sitting comfortably in the double digits, with every single being just as good as the other. Determined to blend radio and commercial elements with the electronic dance music world, JONN‘s music can only be described as catchy, innovative, and energetic, with all elements being on show for his latest outing ‘Love Is Gone’.

Released on his very own imprint Blackbox Records, ‘Love Is Gone’ continues the string of hits that we’ve been getting non-stop from JONN. Building the single around the wonderful female vocals, JONN expertly uses a simple yet effective bassline to add depth to the single. The one kicks into the next gear as the second part of the drop comes, with the Canadian artist incoporating an infectious topline melody into the mix, taking the overall production to the next level.

Stream this single below.

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