Larvik Celebrate 2022 By Unveiling Brilliant New Single ‘Monster’ On NYE!

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Larvik Celebrate 2022 By Unveiling Brilliant New Single ‘Monster’ On NYE!

Having made their debut in 2019 with Back To You’, German duo Larvik have been on the rise ever since. 2021 saw them really take it to the next level as they unveiled 4 new singles in total with their final release coming on the final day of 2021. New Year’s Eve saw them release ‘Monster’ and it was an amazing way to end the year, while also kickstarting their campaign for the new year.

‘Monster’ blends soft synth melodies with solid bass work in the latter half and relentless rhythms, presenting an instantly awakened core but with an intriguing growth – one that continuously draws your attention back towards the complexities. The formula is straightforward, with movement, a chanting-style tune, and synth-soaked voices audible from the start. Nonetheless, the track manages to maintain and even increase the weight and intensity of these parts for several minutes.

‘Monster’ is all-consuming and composed of the precise mix of qualities that promise a timeless smash – striking yet straightforward writing, distinct identity in the primary riff and arrangement, even in the voice – and has what it takes to reach a worldwide audience. Larvik’s ‘Monster’ is a late-night electronic dance hit blended with slap house sound-play and gorgeous chaos. The subtleties, the layers, the rhythms, the samples, and its intensity all encircle the listener, rapidly demanding a volume increase and effectively drawing you in for a return nearly as soon as the music ends.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Larvik are an up-and-coming DJ/Producer Duo with a penchant for writing infectious music and anthemic melodies. Specializing in EDM, dance music, and radio pop, Larvik are greatly inspired by critically acclaimed artists of the EDM scene. The duo ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with their unique brand of EDM consisting of compulsive hooks and danceable rhythms, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. The resourceful duo also has a unique innate competency to ingeniously put together idiosyncratic sounds and words, creating high aptitude wordplay and breathtaking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand. Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Larvik seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through their music.

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