Marco Deleoni Treats Us To Rap-Infused Bass House Single ‘Then & Now’!

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Marco Deleoni Treats Us To Rap-Infused Bass House Single ‘Then & Now’!

Marco Deleoni has been on fire form recently and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Following up on his previous release, ‘OMOE2OA’ on Ensis Records, the Italian artist makes his debut on Orjan Nilsen‘s burgeoning record label, In My Opinion. For this outing, Marco Deleoni steps into new territory as he blends rap and r&b with bass and electro house to create a fresh new sound.

Orjan Nilsen‘s label In My Opinion is no stranger to fresh and exciting artists. Having added artists such as Cirillo Jr, Taygeto, Deathnov amongst others, In My Opinion has proved to be a top of the range record label, dedicated to bringing the artists of tomorrow into today’s spotlight. Marco Deleoni is, of course, a welcome addition to this labels ever-growing roster.

For his recent release, Marco Deleoni seamlessly blends his bass and electro house style with rap and r&b influences that has created a fresh and innovative production. ‘Then & Now’ uses infectious and rhythmic sounds throughout to grab the attention. With the attention firmly on the single, Marco then knocks it out of the park with blistering bass lines synths that are sure to get your speakers shaking. Yet another innovative and diverse production, Marco is proving to be one of the artists to watch in 2020.

Stream this single below.

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