Marso Drops Massive New Anthem ‘Rave Revolution’!

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Marso Drops Massive New Anthem ‘Rave Revolution’!

An artist who has only been producing for just over 2 years, Marso has truly impressed in his short time in the electronic dance music scene. He kicked off 2020 with his first official release, the heavy-hitting main room anthem ‘This Is Hard’. With this single, the Belgian producer showcased a fresh big room style with high energy and innovative sounds. He then continued his first year with exceptional releases such as ‘Fire’ and ‘Outlaw’. Now determined to end the year on a high, he has brought us yet another pulsating single, ‘Rave Revolution’.

‘Rave Revolution’ is a single driven by an atmospheric and uplifting vocal that leads into the first drop. This drop hits with no disappointment as pulsating synths are combined with hard-hitting kicks and basses that keep the energy at an all-time high. The young producer then spins the track on its head for the second drop as he incorporates a psytrance styled off-beat bass that just tops this single off perfectly. A true statement track, you should keep a close eye on this emerging producer.

Stream this single below.

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