bonsche Returns With Another High-Quality Single ‘In Memoriam’!

bonsche Returns With Another High-Quality Single ‘In Memoriam’!

bonsche is a musician, producer, and audio engineer from Norderstedt/Germany. He is running his own studio and creates EDM using several synths, samples, and own recordings and is also doing mixing and mastering by himself as also the cover art. His music is focused on strong beats, drums & bass, several voice samples, and synth lines as ear candy along with electric and acoustic guitars. As these past four years have shown, bonsche continuously works hard in the studio and it shows with each of his releases, with his latest ‘In Memoriam’ showing just that. This is a very personal track for bonsche as it is a commemoration for all those who passed away in the last years, being deeply missed but will always live on in our hearts.

Although he has previously shown his talents with the electronic music genre, bonsche now showcases a fresh new style, delivering a magnificent classical piece, fit for any type of listening. bonsche expertly combines real instrumental elements with atmospheric tones that build suspense. As the elements come together at the 2-minute mark, the atmosphere is incredible and the body that bonsche has built for this track is on full show. Another high-quality release from this producer, is there anything he can’t do?

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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