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Marster Unveils Another Authentic Sounding Electronic Single ‘Now Or Never’!

Having burst on the scene with ‘Flow’ in 2020, anonymous artist Marster has not slowed down on the release front. At a time where the dance music scene seemed to be forgotten about during the pandemic, Marster‘s plan was to bring the music to the people with authentic-sounding productions that they can enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Marster treated us to some amazing singles in the past year such as ‘Beautiful’, ‘All I Want’, and ‘Let Me Fall’, just to name a few. Now with the return of live shows and festivals around the world, Marster is ready to take his momentum and status to the next level with a new chapter in his career. Treating us to a brand new single, Marster delivers in style with ‘Now Or Never’.

‘Now Or Never’ is a wonderful electronic production that grabs your attention right from the start. The mysterious producer uses vocals and atmospheric synths right from the start to set the tone. As the single progresses, Marster adds kicks and basslines that carry tons of groove. The synths used throughout have got that electronic feel but they carry a certain authentic sound that makes this a wonderful overall single. Yet another amazing track, this is a reason why you should be keeping an eye on this producer.

Stream this single below.

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