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Martin Trevey Talks ADE, Future Plans, Evolving As An Artist & More!

Welcome to the dynamic world of Martin Trevy, a Colombian artist, as we catch up with him during Amsterdam Dance Event. Martin shares his excitement about reconnecting with people in person at ADE and highlights the event’s unparalleled networking opportunities. We also explore his love for Amsterdam’s vibrant club scene. With a Latin American tour on the horizon and his approach to music influenced by diverse styles, Martin‘s journey promises an electrifying future. In this exclusive interview, we dive into his insights and exciting plans, offering a glimpse into the world of Martin Trevy.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! How does it feel to be at ADE?

It’s been amazing, just connecting with people. I mean, we live so much on our phones and on zoom sessions but seeing them in person. It’s always so nice.

For those reading at home, what are they missing?

You’re missing out. Definitely. Because it’s a chance for you to connect with so many people who are in the industry. If you’re a songwriter, an artist, a booking agent, or working for a PR agency, you can meet people who are connected and can help to take your career to the next level.

What is your favorite thing to do during ADE?

Going to the clubs. I think the music scene here is great. They have great clubs.

What’s coming up in the near future for you?

We’re getting ready for a tour in Latin America. We’re doing Road To Ultra Chile on the 31st of October, Road To Ultra Guatemala on November 3rd, and we have more shows coming up in Venezuela, and a tour in Japan so it’s getting pretty busy!

How do you prepare for each show in each different country?

It’s actually a mixture of who I am, what Martin Trevy represents, and what the people like, you know. It’s a mixture of all because at the end of the day, I can just play whatever I like and I’ll be happy but then the question is, will the people be happy, so it’s nice to give them a little bit of what they’re used to. Sometimes when I play in Asia, I play a little bit harder and then if I play in Latin America, they like a little bit more groove, more movement so it depends. And I try to keep what I like too because that is really important, I do have to enjoy it and I have to reflect that.

As a live performer, are you always open to multiple styles and sounds?

Of course, because at the end of the day, you’re serving people. We as artists, are serving people for their soul, you know, and we want to make them happy. So for example, I have different versions. My own original remixes and stuff that I do, that I know that people connect to depending on the region, and it’s all connected to what the origins of music in those countries are. In some countries or origins, the music is more towards percussive elements, and in other they move more to melody, so there’s a science behind that.

As an artist, do you feel it’s important to evolve as you grow as an artist?

Definitely. I mean, if you’re not growing, you’re stuck. Stress can come up and I always feel like I’m on the edge but that’s a really good thing because that means you’re challenging yourself. I always want to be better. I always want to be, you know, taking my sound to another level. And I think at the moment that you stop, you’re done.

Is there anything you’ve learned in your journey that you’d tell to other upcoming artists?

Yeah, taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself, I think that’s super important because it’s always easy to go all in but you have to really listen to what your heart has to say. Take care of yourself, you know, meditate, do exercise, I think that’s the best thing because, if you’re already hard-working, you have energy inside you but you also have to take care of yourself. I’ve got a collab coming up with Like Mike, who has also been promoting health recently.

How was it to work alongside Like Mike and how did the collab come about?

It’s an honour man. I met him first time in Venezuela in February, and then in Ibiza at Tomorrowland presents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike at Ushuaia I had the chance to open up their show. I had a demo of the idea and I sent it to him and we started collaborating back and forth on ideas and he put his own magic touch to it and it came out great and it’s actually a dream come true. I mean, that’s one of the artists that I really looked up to when I started, so it’s great.

Do you have any other plans or goals toward the end of the year?

Yeah, after all these shows, I really wanted to take time to go into the studio and finish all the songs that I have because, for me, it’s also really important to be constantly releasing music. We’re also planning to finish an album soon.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Well, I will actually encourage everyone to go out and spend some time in nature away from your phone. It will relax your mind, and bring in creativity! And once you’re back inside and scrolling, you can find me on Instagram @MartinTrevy haha. Here you can be in touch with all the news, the releases, and all the exciting things that will come. Find my music on Spotify and definitely be on the lookout for that collab with Like Mike which is coming soon!

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