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Marvinmarvelous – This or That?

Proficient DJ and music producer Marvinmarvelous continues to amaze with his fresh mixes and releases. His radio show ‘The Marvin Show’ has caught the attention of listeners all over the world, as each episode brings a taste of his style and characteristic sound.
With heavy house-influenced and energetic mixes, the weekly hour-long radio show shows no signs of slowing down as it keeps lightening up the party. Marvinmarvelous sat down with us to answer a round of questions regarding his specific preferences. Here’s what he said.

Deep House or Tech House?
Tech House

Big Room EDM or Progressive House?
Progressive House

‘Trigger Happy’ or ‘Haunted?
Trigger Happy

Nightclub or Festival?

Pioneer or Denon?

Vinyl or CDJs?

New York or Miami?
New York

Big Nights out or Chilled Nights In?
Chilled Nights In

Recording or performing?

Small intimate sets or huge festival stages?
Huge Festival Stages

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