Mason Vera Paine Brings Us Episode 53 Of ‘Music From Around The World’!

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Mason Vera Paine Brings Us Episode 53 Of ‘Music From Around The World’!

With so much new music and news being released and delivered each and every day, fans of electronic dance music can find it tough to keep on top of everything that’s going on. This is where Mason Vera Paine steps in, as she is determined to bring us a weekly dose of brand new music from all across the globe, while also keeping us up to date on all the relevant news that’s coming out. This episodic podcast is titled ‘Music From Around The World’.

For this episode of ‘Music From Around The World’, Mason Vera Paine features a heavy dubstep banger from Bandlez, a psytrance remix from Bliss, a sultry deep house single from Chris Malinchak, and a chilled progressive release from Arutani. That’s not all, as, during these tracks, Mason Vera Paine brings us news on how to get your music uploaded to TikTok, Cyndi Lauper‘s own documentary, augmented reality coming to EDC Las Vegas courtesy of Snap and Live Nation, and DC Mayor addressing noise complaints from EDM festival. With a podcast so jam-packed, we’re surprised it only sits at under 30 minutes, making it a must listen for all music fans across the world.

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