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Mighty Anthem ‘Long Time’ Unites Brooks And Mesto’s Signature Sounds!

A team-up of two EDM heavyweights in the game, Brooks and Mesto present ‘Long Time’. The pair have both carved a solid name for themselves, each holding their own expansive repertoire. For this bombastic release, the two join forces to create a new landmark in the EDM scene. ‘Long Time’  is out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Featuring beats of a mighty stature and epic drops, ‘Long Time’ is without a doubt a hard hitter. Exhilarating in nature, Dutch DJs Brooks and Mesto’s first collaborative track is a powerful take on electro music. A spiraling electro delight, ‘Long Time’ is fast, furious and highly energetic. The techno-infused vocals keep you on the edge of your seat during the eb and flow of eclectic sounds. It’s sure to have you longing to lose control on your favourite club or festival floor. Hold on tight for a crazy ride.

Stream all your favorite future house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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