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MML-Crew Drop Sick New Single ‘Ill Behaviour’!

After opening their brand new journey as a DJ/Producer duo in 2019 with multiple high-quality remixes, MML-Crew opened up their catalog of original productions in 2020 with ‘Take It’. Just 1 month has passed and the duo is showing no signs of slowing down, treating us to their second original production, ‘Ill Behaviour’. With their previous releases, MML-Crew have emerged as a bright spark within the future/electro house scene. Using infectious and powerful sounds throughout, MML-Crew have grabbed the attention of many fans across the world and their new single is sure to turn some heads.

Their new single, ‘Ill Behaviour’, samples the iconic dance single ‘Renegade Master’ by Wildchild. Using this memorable vocal sample to their advantage, MML-Crew surrounds it with pulsating sounds and a groovy yet heavy tone that is sure to get your speakers shaking. The single kicks off with rhythmic and powerful sounds that set the tone for the remainder of the production. Using the first break down as a build-up, MML-Crew cleverly blend elements to build tension towards the drop. The drop hits with no disappointment as innovative synth work is combined with funky and powerful bass lines that are sure to get your hands up in the air. They then show off their melodic side for the second break down, incorporating an uplifting section into the production before quickly heading back to the second drop for more hands-in-the-air vibes.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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