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Phatwell Releases Emotional New Single ‘Time You Got For Love’!

Since releasing his first single in 2020, Swedish producer Pär Holmgren, more known as Phatwell, has gone from strength to strength in the years that followed, releasing a number of awesome singles in the process. His 2023 saw the releases of ‘Don’t Go Play With Fire’ and ‘Revolution With A Smile’, two singles that would accumulate a total of over 200,000 streams combined. Now ready to open up his catalog for 2024, Phatwell presents us with ‘Time You Got For Love’.

While the single brings that energetic mainstage sound that we’ve come to love from Phatwell, the meaning behind it is an emotional one for him. A single that is about his dear friend Kamal who sadly decided to end his own life, Phatwell brings out his sentimental side with lyrics that purvey exactly how he feels when he thinks about him. The uplifting melodies and high energy that this one possesses just adds more layers to the emotional and truly makes your hairs stand on your back stand up while listening.

“Let me tell you about my friend Kamal. He was always that happy, smiling guy that made people feel good just by his presence. But Last November he just decided that he shouldn’t exist anymore. I wrote this song to remind myself that we never know how long we have left with the ones we love. So you better cherish that time like the last drop of water.” said Phatwell on his dear friend.

Stream this single below.

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