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Pierro Speaks With Us About His New Single, Lessons Learned In 2022, Plans For 2023 & More!

Having made his debut in 2019 with the release of ‘Revelations’, Swedish artist Pierro has been hard at work since to produce and release the best possible music. With an ear for what’s in style along with a talent to create something unique, Pierro has crafted some incredible releases and his hard work in the studio is certainly starting to pay off. Now kicking off 2023, Pierro has dropped his brand new single ‘Raven’ and we had the pleasure of chatting with him about that and a number of other topics.

Hey Pierro, thanks for speaking with us, how are you doing?
Hey! I have a new song out and it’s been doing well on the charts, I can’t be happier. Good news always gives me joy when times are as they are around right now in the world, this is why music is so important!

Let’s kick things off with your brand-new single, ‘Raven’. How happy are you to finally have this one out?
The goal was to make a straight up banger for the clubs and I believe that I’ve achieved it with this one. I was playing the track for some friends at all the house parties for two months now to see the reaction and everyone seemed to love it. I have a feeling that they are even more happier than I am that it’s finally released!

Can you give me a little insight into the creation of this single? (inspirations, time taken, etc)
You know, I took a lot of inspiration from older ”big room” tracks before big room actually existed. We’re talking about the 2007-2010 era. Stuff like Sebastian Ingrosso and Laidback Luke used to play at Sensation back in the days. I went to all those shows when I was still a teenager. I traveled across Europe and snuck in several times before I was 18 haha. With that all being said, I wanted to bring that kind of sound so I sampled a specific beep sound from Drake’s ”Massive” and remodeled it to fit for the vibe I was going for.

This is your first single of 2023, do you have any plans for this year?
Oh yeah for sure! I have several tracks coming out this year, be ready!

Have you set any goals for yourself in 2023?
Yes, release more music than I ever had before! I’m also looking for new places that I’ve never visited before in my life to do shows!

If you could pick one stage at any festival, where would you like to play in 2023?
It must be the Freedom Stage at Tomorrowland, the vibe in there is just INSANE!

Do you have any non-music goals for 2023?
Wrapping up my studies, working out even harder, and moving to a bigger home!

Looking back on 2022, did you have any lessons that you learned?
Always listen to your gut feeling and stay objective!

If you had the perfect dream collab, what would it be?
Within the dance music community I would very much want to collaborate with Axwell, always been a big fan of his sound!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, do you have anything else you’d like to reveal to our readers?
As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be releasing more music this year, you can keep updated with my life on Instagram at @pierromusic!

Stream his new single below and grab your copy on Beatport here.

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