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Robin Barclay Makes His Debut With Epic 4-Track EP ‘Acid Theory’!

A synth so synonymous with electronic dance music, “acid” has been a style and sound that has been included in so many singles, spanning multiple decades and never losing its shine. Its power, versatility, and memorability has led to some of the biggest dancefloor tunes, and now Robin Barclay steps onto the platform to bring us his take, delivering an epic 4-track EP titled ‘Acid Theory’!

A 4-track EP based around the iconic acid sound, this one really showcases the talents of this Scottish artist as he uses the same style repeatedly but with different results for each track. Opening up proceedings with the lead track, ‘A is for Acid’, Robin Barclay sets the tone for what is to come and gets things kicked off the perfect way with an energetic and pumping tune. Next up is ‘Acid Track 303’, a single that stretches the vibe of what we’ve come to know from the acid sound, with this one giving off some major banding house vibes. This track is then followed with ‘All Acid Everything’, another pumping tune that utilizes the acid synth as a groove tool. The EP is then completed with ‘Quit Talking Start Acid’, a single that adds more grittiness to the EP.

Stream this EP below.

Robin Barclay is a Scottish DJ/Producer born and raised in Ayr, a town nestled on Scotland’s west coast. Robin realized his passion for music at a young age, getting his hands on his first pair of decks at the age of 11. His fascination with electronic dance music inevitably led him to embark on a journey of music production, DJing, and experimenting with sound. Growing up on the West coast of Scotland, Robin was exposed to a variety of dance music ranging from Trance and Hardcore to Hip Hop and House, all of which influenced his early sound. Today, both with his productions and DJ sets, Robin is determined to serve up a combination of high energy chunky tech house, straight-future acid bangers, and fresh house music. Robin‘s ethos and approach to music are simple – It has to be high energy, it has to be fresh and there has to be surprises.

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