Poleis Records Opens Up With First Single ‘Limbo’ By NYKOLUKE!

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Poleis Records Opens Up With First Single ‘Limbo’ By NYKOLUKE!

Ever since it was revealed that Italian artist Marco Deleoni was launching his own record label under the name of Poleis Records, we have been eagerly waiting for the first single to be released and it most certainly doesn’t disappoint. Welcoming the talented NYKOLUKE as the first artist on its roster, Poleis Records debut in a perfect way with ‘Limbo’, a pulsating and rhythmic future house single.

NYKOLUKE is an electronic music producer from Ukraine with a jaw-dropping amount of 70 releases under his belt in the past two years! 2019 saw him release a total of 30 new tracks and he soon followed that up in 2020 with an insane amount of 39 releases. This high output didn’t mean a lack of quality as with each release he delivered a fresh and high-quality production. No ready to take on 2021, he opened up with ‘Kids’ and is now making his mark on the debuting Poleis Records.

‘Limbo’ uses memorable female vocals and a high-paced layout to really grab the listeners attention. Once he’s pulled you in, he then delivers with an outstanding drop, blending elements of future house basslines with plucky topline synths that add to its raw power. The infectious tones used throughout adds to it’s memorability and will leave you with this song in your head for days to come.

If you’ve got the perfect track for Poleis Records, make sure to send it to [email protected].

Stream this single below.

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