ROMBE4T Releases Fantastic New Single ‘1222 West Madison’!

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ROMBE4T Releases Fantastic New Single ‘1222 West Madison’!

House music legend ROMBE4T adds his charms once again to the genre with a new track titled ‘1222 West Madison’. The EDM Maestro is one of the producers of the genre that is on the verge of becoming a household name. ROMBE4T’s music is incredibly vibrant and often times touches upon current events with the voice of electronica as a spokesperson.

‘1222 West Madison’ is an entertaining track and equally daring. The track totes a. wavy groove mixed with repetitive voice samples that add a fair share of intrigue amid its enchanting rhythm. ROMBE4T takes his audience on a creative journey by opening doors to a cutting-edge techno experience. The track’s irresistible bassline and hazy atmospheric overtones stir up a banquet of traditional house sounds with a modern premise.

In terms of the track’s synergy, ‘1222 West Madison’ is reminiscent of the song ‘White Lines’ by Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel, but in electronica terms. ROMBE4T inspires us with a visual melody that imprints a theme across our souls like a movie soundtrack that manages to capture house music’s purest essence along society’s edgier borders. ‘1222 West Madison’ certainly adds a sense of “noir” to the dance world that is unprecedented and blatantly timeless.

Stream this single below.

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