Exciting Things Are Happening At Jukebox!

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Exciting Things Are Happening At Jukebox!

They’ve gone from hungry upstarts to global business and they’re still hungry for more. They’ve had a complete overhaul, inside and out. Jukebox PR is striding into 2021 with new branding, designed from the ground up. Adding a whole raft of exciting new services to make sure Jukebox continues to lead from the front.

“Back in 2008, we founded Jukebox: a PR company that held a mirror to how we wanted to live our lives. Fast, global, loud and always seeking something new. Today we’re known the world over for bringing people together. From over 200 international music festivals and events in 50 countries, including USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Austria. With dance music, record label, festival and lifestyle PR, and a following of 5 million souls worldwide as well as a network of contacts we’re proud to call mates.” said owner Alex Jukes

He continued: “2020 gave us the perfect opportunity to look at what’s next for the future of Jukebox.  We partnered closely with Muuv Creative (www.muuvcreative.com) to take us to the next level. Muuv is a creative agency that focuses on Brand, 3D, Motion and Packaging Design. Building, transforming and elevating brands, creating value and envy at every turn.”

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