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Raving Green: How Ultra Music Festival is Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Soundscapes

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the music industry, and this time it’s not actually music. The environmental impact of large events like music festivals has become a growing global concern in recent years, and Ultra Music Festival (UMF) has decided to do something about it.

Introducing “Mission: Home”. Since 2019, this has been UMF’s innovative sustainability program that strives to prioritize and implement eco-conscious initiatives in order to protect the local community. Mission: Home has five core objectives: Waste Reduction, Pollution Prevention, Nature Preservation, Community Engagement, and Climate Action. Through this program, Ultra Music Festival has become not only a haven for thousands of electronic music fans, but has also become a leader in sustainability in the industry and has begun to pave the way for greener music events across the globe.

‘Mission: Home’ received regional and national recognition for their commitment to the environment and their dedication to creating a safe and eco-friendly festival atmosphere. At the annual Florida Festivals and Events Association convention (FFEA), Ultra’s ‘Mission: Home’ program received 1st place Volunteer Program, 2nd place Sustainability Program, and 2nd place Education Program. Additionally, the Miami-based non-profit, Debris Free Oceans, deemed ‘Mission: Home’ as the “most extensive sustainability program across leading U.S. electronic music festivals”. “Debris Free Oceans truly recognizes the standard set by Ultra to place itself as the leader in sustainability among various electronic festivals,” Co-Founder and Board President Caiti Wiks added.

Beyond the state level, UMF is also the first music festival of its scale in the country to be verified by the international NGO Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard program. Their ‘Blue Standard; program includes an intensive audit and assessment of operational sustainability, which requires elimination of 6 single-use plastic types and implementation of 3 ‘Blue Actions’, regarded as best practices for comprehensive sustainable operations.

Most recently, Ultra was selected as the recipient of the Sustainability Team Award at the 2023 World Sustainability Awards. Handpicked from an international pool of 220 applicants, the award seeks to recognize a team with a clear vision that works collaboratively towards a shared sustainability purpose.

Ultimately, Ultra Music Festival‘s ‘Mission: Home’ exemplifies the festival’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. By implementing waste reduction strategies, promoting recycling, and encouraging eco-friendly transportation options, Ultra Music Festival is leading the way in greening the music industry. Through these efforts, the festival not only enhances the attendee experience but also demonstrates the power of collective action in mitigating climate change and preserving the planet for future generations.

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