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Nostalgix Talks About Starting Her Artist Career, Her First Show, A Pivotal Moment & More

Born in Iran but deeply embedded in the Canadian dance music scene, Nostalgix embodies versatility as a DJ, producer, and writer. Infusing her music with a spirited charm and old school flair, characterized by booming basslines and vibrant beats, she is featured on prominent labels like Night Bass and Confession. Embracing a persona reminiscent of…

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Raving Green: How Ultra Music Festival is Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Soundscapes

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the music industry, and this time it’s not actually music. The environmental impact of large events like music festivals has become a growing global concern in recent years, and Ultra Music Festival (UMF) has decided to do something about it. Introducing “Mission: Home”. Since 2019, this has been UMF’s innovative…

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