Released 8 Years Ago: Hardwell & Dyro – Never Say Goodbye

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Released 8 Years Ago: Hardwell & Dyro – Never Say Goodbye

9 years ago, on the 20th of May, the dance music luminary, Hardwell, released his jaw-dropping collaboration with Dyro‘Never Say Goodbye’  featuring Bright Lights, on his own imprint Revealed Recordings. Shortly after with Hardwell‘s remix of Krewella‘s ‘Alive’ reached Beatport #1 and Dyro‘s widely successful track ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’, the Dutch trailblazers were on a musical hot streak. As the official soundtrack to Hardwell‘s Miami after movie, ‘Never Say Goodbye’ already proved to be a surefire favorite amid his explosive set at Ultra Music Festival. This powerful anthem matches Bright Lights‘ unique vocals with the essential energy that both artists have exemplified across global club land.

‘Never Say Goodbye’ provided an essential soundtrack to the peak time skyline in the summer of 2013. With this highly-anticipated release, Hardwell once again strengthened his standing as one of the most promising and sought-after artists in the industry today. ‘Never Say Goodbye’ served as an example of what can happen when two maestros join forces to form one unstoppable production unit. The song opens up with powerful drums that lead the listener to the first break where Bright Lights‘ vocals pierce through for an engaging, introspective sequence. Melodies are soon introduced and ascend to the forefront of the soundscape while the looming build takes shape. Drums, synths, and vocals all come together for an exhilarating launch into the drop that takes the song into a soaring, melody-driven flight.

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