Rising Artist Lil Xxel Teams Up With R3HAB For Latest Single ‘IDK (Imperfect)’!

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Rising Artist Lil Xxel Teams Up With R3HAB For Latest Single ‘IDK (Imperfect)’!

Lil Xxel (Zell) is the TikTok superstar taking the world by storm with his fun and unique genre-blending sound. Today, Lil Xxel teams up with renowned DJ R3HAB for a new single, ‘IDK (Imperfect)’.

‘IDK (Imperfect)’ is an atmospheric synthesized banger with infectious production and glossy vocals. Through this collaboration with R3HAB, Lil Xxel embraces his electronic influence and exhibits his versatility as an artist. Featuring killer beat drops and Xxel‘s hypnotic voice, ‘IDK (Imperfect)’ is a blazing bop with a pulsing beat. The song puts a sanguine spin on unrequited love.

Lil Xxel first hit the scene with his viral hit, ‘LMK’, which garnered over 20 million likes on TikTok in a span of only two months and became the internet’s new obsession. Xxel‘s next release, ‘MNU’ was a fitting follow-up, expanding on his signature rhythmic sound and introducing fans to a more upbeat side of him. While ‘LMK’ was a simp anthem for the ages, reminiscing on a lost love, ‘MNU’ focused on the exciting feeling of being in a new relationship and the idea of spending forever with someone. How fitting that his ex-girlfriend who he wrote the song about stars in the video.

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