RMA Talks New Music, Experimentation With New Genres, Production Process & More!

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RMA Talks New Music, Experimentation With New Genres, Production Process & More!

Adding a further slew of heavy hitting studio output to his ever growing catalogue, RMA‘s release schedule showed no signs of slowing down across this past year. Now as we edge towards the close of 2020, RMA signs off with another upfront floor burner. Delivering a big dose of his trademark sound, entitled – ‘Ride Together’ the track is signed to the revered Spanish label Blanco y Negro. We had the pleasure of catching up with RMA to find out a little more about his creative process & what’s in the pipeline for this versatile EDM artist!

EDMHouseNetwork: Thanks for joining us, RMA! Let’s jump straight in and discuss your new single, ‘Ride Together’ – can you tell us about your inspiration behind the track and how it found a home on revered Spanish label Blanco y Negro?

RMA: I wanted to produce a track that is recognizable and fits to my music style and former releases. After a long label pitching phase, Blanco y Negro and I decided to release it.

EDMHouseNetwork: With a plethora of banging releases focused under the EDM, Big Room / Future House banners – are there any other styles that you’d like to experiment with?

RMA: of course! I wanna try new FUTURE RAVE music style, known from David Guetta and MORTEN.

EDMHouseNetwork: When it comes to production, what comes first in your process – the drop, the breakdown, the build, the melody or something else?

RMA: First of all – the build, melody, drop, then the breakdown.

EDMHouseNetwork: Over the years, you’ve released numerous solo productions as well as a variety of collaborations alongside different artists – do you prefer one over the other?

RMA: The Way Remix on Axtone and Lick U with Fatman Scoop on EDX’s Sirup Music were very special, because Axtone and Sirup are important labels and Fatman Scoop is a great artist.

EDMHouseNetwork: If you only had 1 last collab remaining in your career, who would you like it to be with?

RMA: Tiësto

EDMHouseNetwork: Reflecting back across the unusual year we’ve had, how was 2020 overall for you as an artist?

RMA: It was a good chance to spend more time in the studio. But for my private life it was hard that I couldn’t travel, go out and visit friends and family.

EDMHouseNetwork: And finally, looking ahead into 2021 and beyond – what are some of your goals & objectives, any exclusive RMA news you can share with us?

RMA: Yeah, in 2021 I’m gonna release new and excited tracks, remixes, podcasts etc. So stay tuned and follow me on Instagram!

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