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Rolls Rollin Drops Another Banging Tune ‘Playtime’!

Rolls Rollin announced himself to the world in May 2020 with his fierce debut, ‘Big Booty’ – a track that has been streamed 300k times on Spotify. He hasn’t slowed down since and has achieved 3 million streams across platforms after an incredible first year. He has built a legion of fans, drawn in by the way blends genres from the harder edges of the EDM spectrum; creating something head-spinning, brain-melting, dangerous and unique. From bass house to hardcore, from oldskool rave to riddim, Rolls Rollin is capable of bending it to his will.

‘Playtime’ sees the producer switch things up and embrace melody, while still offering the hard-edged, bass-heavy drop that his fans love. The new single draws you in with its vocal hook, before changing gear and launching you into a jacking, bass-house-styled drop. With ‘Playtime’ Rolls Rollin demonstrates the extent of his versatility, while never forgetting that he is required to deliver a depth charge to the dance floor.

Described by as being “quite literally on a roll”, the Canadian DJ shows us once again how true this is.

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