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The Highly Anticipated Single ‘Angel Lies’ by Emerging EDM Band Blue Work Takes You Through An Incredible Rhythmic Journey!

Blending electronic elements with authentic sounds yield a very special result and it’s a surprise very few bands and artists are doing so. One band playing to the beat of their own drum is Blue Work, an established band formed in London in 2018. Although being formed in 2018, the band would wait until 2020 to release their first single, ‘Pygmalion’, and it did not disappoint. Since then, the band has released a flurry of incredible singles such as ‘Rainbow Skin’ and ‘Hey Tom’.

With more and more musicians incorporating EDM resonance into their soundscapes to achieve a distinct flavor that conveys their uniqueness, Blue Work have also created an astonishing soundscape by mixing components from numerous genres and giving them an electronic music makeover.

The band has released a new track titled ‘Angel Lies’, a single which displays their proficiency as performers, brilliant vocalists, and very efficient music composers. Blue Work maintains a notable quality by not only delivering a remarkable vocal performance but also by presenting us with a mesmerizing soundscape that is equally addicting and keeps the audience engaged throughout. The song is intertwined with numerous catchy instrumentation, and the artist has created an immersive image of modern-day EDM sounds that instantly resonates with listeners.

Featuring additions of oscillating basslines, shimmering snares, sultry vocals, and driving kicks, this electronic delicacy far makes for the perfect accompaniment for clubs opening their doors once more. The band members exhibit a seamless combination of their personalities, which improves the entire listening experience. With its refreshing dance electronic vibes, the song is sure to get some excellent crowd.

Stream this single and it’s accompanying remixes below.

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