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Rolls Rollin Drops Another Peaktime Tune With ‘Punch Bass’!

Announcing himself to the world in May 2020 with the fierce single ‘Big Booty’, Rolls Rollin has been churning out anthem after anthem, showing no signs of slowing down in terms of quantity or quality. Delivering mainstage festival vibes to wherever you may be listening, in just over 1 year Rolls Rollin has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify, a milestone very few top artists have hit in their debut 12+ months.

The success of Rolls Rollin can only be down to his production quality, always going above and beyond to create something fresh and new. He has built alegion of fans, drawn in by the way he blends genres from the harder edges of the EDM spectrum; creating something head-spinning, brain melting, dangerous and unique. From bass house to hardcore, from oldskool rave to riddim, Rolls Rollin is capable of bending it to his will. Now he’s back with another release on his own imprint; Rollin Royalty Records.

‘Punch Bass’ is a bass house heater that builds from ominous beginnings to a truly ear shredding drop.As always, the low-end is well and truly on point–powerful, defined and aggressive. The heavy-duty production is complemented by a savage vocal that exhorts us to “turn up the track and punch that shit” – an invitation that Rolls Rollin’s fans will no doubt take him up on in huge numbers. Having already hit such huge heights in 2020, Rolls Rollin is enjoying an even bigger 2021 and there is no doubt that this is an artist to watch.

Stream this single below.

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