ROMBE4T Brings The Groove With New Single ‘Rabid Funk’!

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ROMBE4T Brings The Groove With New Single ‘Rabid Funk’!

With every production ROMBE4T releases, he leaves beautiful marks in people’s hearts and shapes beautiful memories along the way. He ingeniously displays a broad range of influences by capturing the reminiscent old school vibe of soul, funk, house, and disco influences that fuel his releases whilst still managing to adopt that unique sense of his musical identity and clarity of a modern production style!

‘Rabid Funk’ is led by stylistically fitting quintessential funk drums and deeply layered dance percussive elements and the continually definite sense of maturity in its harmonic progression, there is a grounded and understated nature to this track’s rhythmicity that helps make this lively and upbeat song carry that bit of moving and relatable energy and engaging sense of authenticity.

ROMBE4T artistically manages to place the infectious tone over colorful and electric layers of sound that blend different elements of funk. The interplay between the keys and the distinct and distant wavy vocal melody that fly over the instrument help add that mystique tonal layer to the track. This is that track to get a party going as dance enthusiasts are swept off the floor by its sweeping melodicism, dancing with carefree abandon to the affluence of all the elements that have been integrated to detail – giving off the track for the spring all the way to the summer!

Stream this single below.

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