Row Rocka’s lost VIP of Volta

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Row Rocka’s lost VIP of Volta

It was August 25 of 2018. Revealed Radio episode reached 181. The episode was as usual, with tracks new, old and also unreleased. However, by the end of the episode, the host for that week, Row Rocka, unveiled a little surprise which took some of the avid long-time revealed fans by storm. He played a VIP remix requested by the Revealed community of the time, hence the ‘Community VIP’. However, it was never meant for release as he just made it as a challenge from the community.

Row Rocka released Volta a few weeks prior with respectable success which showcased Rocka’s strong electro signatures with high-pitched melodies and carnival kicks. He took this challenge pretty seriously since the VIP sounds very exciting, fresh and unexpected, compared to the original track. For the VIP, Rocka stripped all the structures of the track to it’s bare minimum; the chords. He added four new very compelling drops while retaining the original tune’s vibes. He modified the first climax into an eerie & spooky, preceded by the drums and inviting fast psytrance kicks into the first drop. The second drop storms in with similar style from the first; still psytrance, but however, a slower kick. The breakdowns remain consistent throughout the track. The third drop has two parts; faster carnival kicks compared to the original, and a moombahton version, which personally took me out of the blue.

All in all, this VIP is undoubtedly one of the best produced and played from Row Rocka of all his discography as it is unanticipated, refreshing and different when it comes to his usual sound design. Row Rocka is no longer working in this alias as we’ve learned that he completed his education and is currently working as a programmer. This dead ID is probably one of the least to expect to be released but certainly a very underrated one.

Written by Gary San / Delacour Agency

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