Ruff Delivers Heartbreak Anthem ‘Anyone But You’ With Stef Classens From The Voice Holland!

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Ruff Delivers Heartbreak Anthem ‘Anyone But You’ With Stef Classens From The Voice Holland!

New Jersey born artist Ruff has been on a prosperous rise to stardom over the past year, channeling his life lessons into relatable pop hits. Returning to the release radar with his second original track of the year, Ruff teams up with friend and ‘Reasons’ remixer Wyle, delivering an emotive heartbreak anthem in the form of ‘Anyone But You’ – available to purchase and stream on all platforms via Adept Records / 7Clouds. 

The stunning track opens with a serene sound display with the vocals of Stef Classens taking centre stage, penned with a poignant message about the weight of a deep love that seems to be impossible to replace. The cut rests on a stripped down balladic foundation with flawless instrumentation aiding the lyrics’ emotive pull. Twinkling synths lead the track to a slow build which explodes into a euphoric drop, depicting the narrative of a rollercoaster relationship. ‘Anyone But You’ is another captivating masterpiece from the pop prodigy, and showcases his unwavering ear for rapturing melodies and blissfully harmonious compositions. 

My most organic song to date, ‘Anyone But You’ speaks to those who are having trouble moving on from an ex and thinking that you won’t be able to ever have feelings for anyone but that one person. We’ve all been there and eventually moved forward and I hope this song is the anthem you need to heal!” – Ruff

There is no stopping the tenacious rise of this young talent, as he continues to impress with each addition to his flourishing back catalogue of radio-ready releases. Having only been active on the scene for a year, Ruff’s productions boast a level of maturity and finesse far beyond his years, each gaining upwards of 100,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Stream all the biggest future bass tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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