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SALADIN Brings The Fire With Sick New Release ‘My Drug’!

American producer SALADIN (pronounced Sah-lay-din) has been churning out hit after hit at an insane rate over the past 2 years. Since he kicked off 2019 with ‘Better’, he has released an astronomical 56 tracks in total. You may be thinking that with such a high output, that the quality is affected but that is wrong. SALADIN has previously appeared on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings, Peak House Music, Sirup Music, and many more. His latest appearance, ‘My Drug’, continues his hot streak of releases.

Showing big diversity with his previous releases over the past 2 years, SALADIN dons his bass house hat with this one. Delivering in style with a powerful yet creative and varied production, the American uses driving basslines and a fun, choppy production style to create a massive single. With memorable vocals used throughout, this single has the potential to be a massive club anthem and we won’t be surprised when it takes over the dance scene in the coming months. And did we mention he was giving it out to his followers for free?!

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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